Dr. Majid Molaie is a neurologist based in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and serving the San Pedro area. His specialties include evaluation and treatment of nervous system disorders, sleep disorders, neuro-behavior disorders and neurophysiology electrodiagnostic evaluations. Appointments are available in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Neurology Practice: A Wonderful Life
I have been practicing Neurology since 1980 when I received my Board Certification in Neurology.

The selection of this field was initially based on intellectual satisfaction by performing clinical research, teaching medical students and neurology residents, and publishing research data. However, after spending close to 15 years in the academia, I realized that the real reward and the satisfaction come from the individual patients that are under my care. I decided to leave the academic environment behind and engage in the solo neurology practice in Southern California.

It has been a wonderful experience in terms of ability to grasp the complexities of the nervous system as one can see in general neurology practice, and the enjoyment that my approach to the diagnosis and the treatment of my patients may lead to improvement of quality of their lives.

My hobbies are also centered around my practice by presenting and publishing interesting and rare cases in the national and international meetings and journals. At the same time, I have expanded my skill and the knowledge by participating and receiving several sub-specialty certifications, including Sleep Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Clinical Neurophysiology, Neuroimaging, and Neurobehavior. I would like to continue to enjoy my current life style that is principally based on practicing both academic and direct patients care in the field of neurology which, is admittedly always challenging.

Patients with neurological disorders commonly suffer from chronic disease that require a long term care and follow up. Thus, knowing their doctors and building a long term trust is the most crucial part of their successful management. The above introduction serves as the first step to achieving this goal.

Majid Molaie, MD, FAAN

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